Image Logo BOB conference 2015.

Tutorial: 14:00-15:30 (English)

On the other side of the clouds

This tutorial will have two parts. The first part will give some theoretical background, an introduction to the architecture of cloud management systems (Project FiFo), a quick look into each component, what they do, how they communicate, and the tradeoffs chosen.

In the second part we’ll build a small “cloud”. We’ll walk through a setup of Project FiFo until every participant has a running installation on their system. If time permits, we can join those to create a larger system and experiment with failover characteristics by disabling and destroying components.

Attendees should bring:

  • A moderately powerful laptop with at least 8GB of memory (to spare 4 for the virtual machine)
  • Virtualization software such as as VMWare Player or VirtualBox

Heinz Gies

Heinz started his career in the Telco industry. He ended up as a Senior Engineer for Nokia Siemens Networks before venturing on his own. With a love for interesting technologies like Solaris and Erlang he started to make a living out of that passion. Now he works as a freelancer building and supporting the Project-FiFo cloud orchestration suite.