Image Logo BOB conference 2016.

Tutorial: 16:20-17:50 (English)

Introduction to web programming in PureScript

PureScript is a language for functional programming in the browser designed for low adoption barriers. It looks very much like somebody took static types and explicit effects out of Haskell and imposed them on javascript. And in fact, this is how Purescript happened.

In the short 90 minutes we have, I will cover the basics of purescript for those who are not familiar with functional programming, and then walk you through a small web app with purescript-halogen, an FRP-ish UI library. I hope to have time to demonstrate how purescript comfortably integrates with any existing javascript context, which makes it a great tool for incremental adoption.

Prerequisites: You can either come completely unprepared, or, if you want to participate more actively, install the tutorial setup provided here:

Knowledge of purescript is not required, but a certain aptitude in at least one other programming language will be helpful. Some knowledge of the JavaScript world will help you getting the code to run in the browser.

Presentation language will be English, but I am happy to discuss your questions in German.

Matthias Fischmann

Matthias Fischmann has implemented his thesis at the Max Planck Institute for Computer Science in Haskell 15 years ago, and has been a user and proponent of functional programming ever since. He works as a software consultant for Well-Typed and is CEO at Zerobuzz.