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Tutorial: 16:35-18:05 (English)

An FRP framework with two-way connections

I am interested in higher-order Functional Reactive Programming frameworks to compose interactive functional programs, especially for writing Graphical User Interfaces. For me, Reflex and FRPNow seems to be the best Haskell frameworks for doing this, but both of them lack two-way connections between the components.

I demonstrate that a similar FRP framework with two-way connections helps to write more modular programs.

I also show that one can write GUIs by defining Haskell data types and deriving editors for them with generic programming which can be seen as a higher-level FRP programming.

I use GHC.Generics and GHCJS.

I am going to give a tutorial with exercises for the demonstration.

Péter Diviánszky

After graduating as a mathematician I switched to pure functional programming. I completed my phd research in the same field, while teaching this subject at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. After working for ten years in academia I decided to try the practical applications in industry (Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore and Prezi, Budapest). At the moment I am self-employed.