Image logo Bob conference 2018.

Talk: 16:35-17:20 (English)

May contain DTraces of FreeBSD feat. Spectre

Systems are getting increasingly complex and it’s getting harder to understand what they are actually doing. Even though they are built by human individuals they often surprise us with seemingly bizarre behavior. DTrace lights a candle in the darkness that is a running production system giving us unprecedented insight into the system helping us to understand what is actually going on.

We are going implement strace-like functionality, trace every function call in the kernel, watch the scheduler to its thing, observer how FreeBSD manages resources and even peek into runtime systems of high level programming languages. If you ever wondered what software is doing when you are not looking, this talk is for you.

Raichoo Ketchum

Raichoo programmiert seit 25 Jahren und hat in den letzten 7 Jahren seinen Schwerpunkt auf FP verlagert. Er ist unter anderem Autor des JavaScript-Backends für Idris und haskell-vim. Seit 3 Jahren setzt er Haskell als seine Hauptsprache in der Industrie ein.