Image logo Bob conference 2018.

Talk: 15:20-16:05 (English)

Understanding the realtime ecosystem

It’s 2018, the time of data-driven realtime applications. With the applications increasingly becoming data dependent, realtime technology has suddenly gained momentum as opposed to a steady pace through the previous years. It is important to understand the main underlying concepts that make an application work in realtime. This talk will walk the audience through concepts such as data-sync, pub/sub, websockets, etc while clearly underlining the differences between other technologies, paradigms and protocols. This talk will be summarized with a live example of how realtime systems truly function using, an open realtime server that provides all the realtime features discussed right out of the box, thus limiting the developer’s role to use case specific implementation.

Srushtika Neelakantam

Srushtika Neelakantam is a Developer Evangelist for deepstreamHub. She is a passionate tech advocate and loves realtime technologies! She is also a regular speaker at tech conferences worldwide and a co-author of “Learning Web-Based Virtual Reality” published by Apress. A longtime contributor and techspeaker at Mozilla, she loves to discuss the open web.