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Tutorial: 12:00-13:30 (English)

Terminal GUIs with Haskell: vty and brick

For interactive full-screen terminal applications, the usual go-to ecosystem is plain C with the ncurses library. However, also the Haskell ecosystem has a lot to offer: vty, a high-level combinator library for formatting and arranging text elements on a terminal screen. And building on top of vty we have brick, a library for layouting terminal applications from widgets. Where you need to tell ncurses exactly to »put the cursor there and print a char«, the declarative approach of these libraries is much safer and easier to manage.

After a short introduction to the basics of event handling and terminal rendering in Haskell, we’re going to play »Pong« on the terminal!


  • Linux/Unix machine or VM: Unfortunately, Vty does not support Windows currently. You can try with Win10 and WSL, but I’d rather recommend a Linux VM if you’re on Windows.
  • You’ll need a working Stack installation to build the project.
  • Clone or download the Github repository ( and follow the README instructions to check that the build works.

Franz Thoma

Franz Thoma is originally a physicist and works as a consultant and software engineer at TNG Technology Consulting in Munich. While spending time there on domain specific languages and building compilers, he discovered his love for functional languages and expressive type systems. With Haskell, Franz found a robust and elegant language to express himself, which he uses for his own personal tooling as well as a thinking tool. At TNG, he currently works on high-throughput ingestion of real-time data for a client’s Big Data platform.