Talk: (English)

From idea to working product in 7 days

How I created Hilfeleistung als Service

Hilfeleistung als Service is making it easier for people with disabilities to register assistance requests with Deutsche Bahn, the German railway provider. In this talk I want to speak about how I took an idea, applied serverless strategies, and delivered a working solution within 7 days.

I was lying. It actually took me 9 days to deliver the first end-to-end working solution and another 20 days for the polished up MVP. Nevertheless, using existing services and writing as little glue code as possible let me focus on the core domain: making it easier to register assistance requests.

So this is about rapid prototyping. Trying out ideas fast. But not in the boring old way with some RAD framework, but the all new fancy “serverless” approach. Obviously I have not used a single AWS service. This is about rapid application development. This description is missing buzzwords. I, of course, also used microservices (not really but sort of)!

But back to being serious. I think building Hilfeleistung als Service worked out pretty well. In this talk I will go into details about the problem at hand, the integration of the various services like Cloudflare, Netlify, and Mailgun and how I deployed my own NixOS server for the Haskell backend and Selenium.

Philipp Maier


Philipp likes domain events. So much that he stores them, sends them on journeys and folds over them. In his free time, he does exactly this but with Haskell.