Talk: 16:20-17:05 (English)

EventSourcing All Over the Place

By now EventSourcing is an established alternative to handle and store data in the backend. But did you realize that frontend architecture patterns like Flux/Redux basically also work in an event-sourced way? Unfortunately, in these patterns the event store is inaccessible, though. With some simple tricks we can make use of it and establish proper EventSourcing in the frontend as well. Moreover, these events can also be used to synchronize changes in frontend and backend without the need to divert from the EventSourcing pattern.

This talk demonstrates how this technique works in general and how it was used in a real project.

Nicole Rauch

Nicole Rauch is an independent software developer and development coach with a solid background in compiler construction and formal methods. Her focus is on Specification by Example and Domain-Driven Design as well as the restructuring of large Java legacy code applications. Nonetheless, her secret love is for functional programming. Also, she took part in conducting a number of self-organized conferences related to software craftsmanship and agile coaching, e.g. SoCraTes conference. She is one of the initiators of Softwerkskammer, the german-speaking Software Craftsmanship community.