Tutorial: 10:05-11:35 (English)

Learn FP with Code Katas

Functional programming helps you reason about and test your code by breaking it into self contained pieces in pure functions. In this workshop you will be given a code kata and a set of constraints which train pair programming and functional thinking such as ping pong, navigator-driver, verbs instead of nouns. Each pair will pick up a language which supports functional programming and a constraint based on their self evaluated experience level. The idea is to use constraints to trigger creative problem solving. You can consider this a mini version of a coderetreat, and read more about it here.


Preparation instructions are in this Github repo. Clone it and follow the instructions there.

Ilke Zilci

Developer and co-organizer of the Software Crafters community in Berlin since May 2015, participant in coderetreats since October 2013.