Tutorial: 12:00-13:30 (English)

ReasonReact for Type-Safe Web Apps

Static type systems have arrived in the frontend! Typescript and Flow made them popular. ReasonML - the language by React Framework inventor Jordan Walke - goes one step further and brings a functional programming language from the ML family into the browser. ReasonML combines the semantics of OCaml with the common syntax of JavaScript.

With the language comes a redefinition of the popular React-Framework: ReasonReact. ReasonReact finally realizes the original vision, its creator had for React - a fully functional driven frontend framework! The framework comes already equipped with hooks and reducers. It also provides a type safe way to build components in a JSX-like syntax - without the need to overspecify, thanks to Reason’s excellent type inference.

You will learn how to write Reason & ReasonReact code, which projects are worth using it and even when you should rather prefer alternatives like TypeScript or Elm.

In this workshop we will

  • take a look at the concepts of the ReasonML-language
  • model data with the algebraic type system
  • build a simple frontend application in ReasonReact
  • write unit-tests with bs-jest


Please bring your own notebook with a working NodeJS and Git installation.

Marco Emrich


Marco is a Senior Consultant at codecentric. As a passionate advocate of software crafting and code quality, Marco has many years of experience in architecture and development. He regularly lectures at well-known conferences and is author of several programming books. When he is not organizing the Softwerkskammer Nuremberg (developer meetup), he is probably explaining to his son how to program robotic turtles.