Talk: 10:30-11:15 (English)

Practical ReasonML

Static type systems have arrived in the frontend! Typescript and Flow made them popular. ReasonML - the language by React Framework inventor Jordan Walke - goes one step further and brings a functional programming language from the ML family into the browser. ReasonML combines the semantics of OCaml with the common syntax of JavaScript.

How well does this work in practice? How easily can ReasonML be integrated into the existing JS ecosystem? How well do SinglePage apps work with ReasonReact? Where does ReasonML stand in comparison to TypeScript on one side or Elm on the other? We tried it in real projects, and the talk will be about our experience, which projects are worth using Reason and when you should rather do without it.

Marco Emrich


Marco is a Senior Consultant at codecentric. As a passionate advocate of software crafting and code quality, Marco has many years of experience in architecture and development. He regularly lectures at well-known conferences and is author of several programming books. When he is not organizing the Softwerkskammer Nuremberg (developer meetup), he is probably explaining to his son how to program robotic turtles.