Talk: 12:50-13:35 (English)

Criminally fast Rust and Breaking Safety for Fun and Profit

In this talk, we confess our rusty sins: memory manipulation, unsafe code, lying to the borrow tracker, lifetime crimes, and many more. Criminally fast rust is possible, and we share what worked for us, what didn’t, and why we broke the safe.

Over the past year we’ve been building Tremor - an event processing system used at Wayfair to process billions of messages per minute 24x7x365. This is our first project as an organization and as individuals with the Rust programming language.

We’ve learned a lot: to hate rust, to love it, to hate and love it again; there are things we did badly, some we did terribly as we bent to the borrow trackers demands, before bending the borrow tracker to our needs.

Darach Ennis

Darach has a wealth of experience and expertise in distributed event based systems from his work at companies such as Betfair, IONA, JP Morgan Chase and StreamBase. Regularly speaking at conferences and events on Big Data, Messaging and DEBS. He has designed and implemented algorithmic trading platforms, flow trading systems, smart order routing systems, online spread betting, sports and gaming systems, as well as championing hardware accelerated messaging and compute acceleration in CEP. Recently Darach joined Wayfair to work on Tremor.

Heinz Gies


Heinz started his career in the Telco industry, ending up as a Senior Engineer for Nokia Siemens Networks before venturing on his own. With a love for interesting technologies like Solaris or Erlang, he started to make a living out of that passion. He bootstrapped a company to work on and support the Project-FiFo cloud orchestration suite and DalmatinerDB &endash; a high performance metrics database. Recently Heinz joined Wayfair to work on Tremor as one if its technical architects.