Talk: 17:25-18:10 (English)

Engineering Principles of a highly effective team

So you know how to write code. You know how to work as an individual. But… how about as a team? When a team works well together, they can best fulfil the business function, while meeting personal emotional needs.

In the past few years, at five companies, I’ve experienced a lot of different ways of working. Finally, at Previse, I was part of a team that solved problems together effectively. Sounds simple, but it had taken them a combined 80+ years of expertise to get there!

The engineering team at Previse identified a methodology that guided their collaboration. Every day they engaged in the process of evolving it and embodying continuous learning.

This talk is about better ways of working together. It’s worth accounting for how you’re just a bunch of emotional mortals. Identify your team’s unique characteristics, and get everyone on board.

Steve Robinson-Burns

Steve gathered the material for this talk at Previse, a fintech startup, where he worked as a a Software Engineer. They use Clojure, which is a great problem solving tool, but he believes that as tools go, teamwork is even better. He’s also a big fan of deleting code. Based in Edinburgh, he enjoys long walks with his dog Snug and growing his own vegetables.