Talk: 16:35-17:20 (English)

Bringing experimentation to JavaScript

What is the cost of changing an api? How can we measure it? JavaScript is one of the most widely used and run languages in the world. The committee behind the design of JavaScript, Technical Committee 39 of Ecma, has to keep in mind many potential use cases, and errors that might occur as the result of a design change. However we do not have a framework of how to do this. As a delegate, I felt that this was an area where the committee could benefit from. This talk will cover the work that is happening now to introduce such a framework of experimentation to our process, where we are and what kind of experiments we are currently running.

Yulia Startsev


Yulia Startsev works for Mozilla on the SpiderMonkey compiler, and is part of the TC39 committee which standardizes ECMAScript (JavaScript) both as Mozilla’s delegate, and as co-chair. She is currently based in Berlin, where she enjoys fine teas, video games, and working on the future of the free and open web.