This year's conference is a little different!

How do I join the conference?

  • Tickets: get yours here.
  • Venue: we will meet in a space hosted on Feel free to check out their walkthrough and familiarise yourself with the site.
    On the day of the conference, allow ~10 minutes for login, setting up your avatar, etc.

    The exact URL will be sent to the e-mail address you used to register for BOB 2021 at some point during the 24 hours before the conference starts, and also appear on this page on 2021-02-26 08:00 UTC+1. You will need to sign in with the e-mail address provided when buying your ticket. works best in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. We do not recommend using the desktop app at this time.
  • A FAQ- and help page for gather explaining features slightly more in depth will be accessible from within the space.

Where did Gather get my name?!

We are using the names provided on ticket purchase for the names in gather. If you'd prefer a different display name, please edit your ticket accordingly by Wednesday, 2021-02-24.

How do I navigate the conference space?

You will need, ideally, a headset and webcam, and a computer with a stable internet connection ( is mobile accessible, but we are optimising for computer use). Please try Gather's live walkthrough before the event to familiarise yourself with Gather's mode of operation and its various controls.

There are too many things happening and people talking on the screen and I'm overwhelmed.

Gather has a "quiet mode" that reduces interaction distance to one square – so only people standing directly next to you in all directions will be able to hear you. Click on your name (in the middle on the bottom of the page) and select "quiet mode", or press CTRL/CMD+U for the same result. We especially recommend this setting during talks (you will still be able to hear the video).
If that won't cut it, you can log out and back in at any time.

I'm still having trouble – where do I get help?

Contact us via e-mail at, or on twitter @bobkonf. Within gather, you can come to the help desk for support or private message Sibylle Hasse [STAFF] or Michael Sperber [STAFF].