Talk: 12:35–13:20 (English)

Logic Programming and Databases

Modern applications deal with vast amounts of data, but also with a vast variety of data. Certain data might fit nicely into a relational model, other is better modeled as a graph, some parts need to be full-text searchable or require spatial indexing.

Relational databases, such as PostgreSQL, offer extensions and add-ons to support such multi-model usage. However, at a considerable ergonomic cost. A more unified and simple approach to interacting with multi-model data can be found in Logic Programming. In particular, with Datalog, a declarative logic programming language that is well-suited as a database query language.

In this talk we would like to motivate why Datalog is so well-suited by having a look at the semantics as well as the relationship to Relational Algebra and sketch how complex, multi-model database can be built on existing key-value stores. We hope to provide tools and inspiration for experimenting with your own custom databases.


pukkamustard is a computer engineer and a free software advocate.

After studying computer science and spending some time wandering around and building stuff, pukkamustard is now working as an independent developer. Currently he is working on openEngiadina and DREAM.