Talk: 15:05-15:50 (English)

Haskell ❤️ Lua

Come together over FFI

Haskell and Lua share some similarities, like support for functional programming, but are otherwise very different. Nonetheless, the two complement each other in interesting ways. This is demonstrated by pandoc, the universal document converter, which is written in Haskell and uses Lua as extension language. Pandoc’s behavior can be modified through Lua filters, custom readers, and custom writers, leveraging the power of Haskell and flexibility of Lua.

While combining the two languages is made easy by the hslua package, the internals of that package are not always straight-forward and a testament to the powers of Haskell’s Foreign Function Interface. We will take a look at the encountered impedance mismatch and how it was overcome, compare it to efforts in adjacent languages like OCaml, and see how hslua can be used to expose application internals to scripts effectively and conveniently.

Albert Krewinkel


Albert is a molecular biologist turned mathematician turned software engineer. He is a passionate open source contributor with a special interest in open science and publishing workflows. He serves as a core developer for the universal document converter pandoc. After spending time in Lübeck, Hamburg, and Menlo Park, Albert now lives in Berlin with his wife and kids.