Talk: 11:45–12:30 (English)

Compiling Anything to Categories

Conal Elliott’s Compiling to Categories sparked interest in novel interpretations of Haskell programs that are accessible to a casual user of the language. Conal also created some proofs of concept with very compelling examples. However, many potential users were stymied by some limitation or other in the PoCs. At Kittyhawk, we were also attracted to the approach. Thankfully, we had the resources to commit to it, which allowed us to extend the PoC and even the original paper to make it work for us. And now, hopefully, it can work for you as well. This talk will introduce the approach, our use of it as a code generator for the flight control system of our electric aircraft, the limitations we ran into, and our solutions to them.

Greg Pfeil


Greg Pfeil gets to work on electric aircraft at Kittyhawk, despite knowing very little about planes. Nevertheless, he helps them get Haskell off the ground. When he’s not working, you can usually find him holding his breath underwater just off the coast of Maui.