Tutorial: 16:20-17:55 (English)

Functional Programming in Kotlin

Kotlin supports functional programming much better than Java: Common functional abstractions are finally practical enough for regular usage. Kotlin also avoids many of the warts and irregularities of the Java type system, making the overall experience quite pleasant. There’s even native support for (almost!) monads. Kotlin is not Scala for sure, but also avoids some of Scala’s complexity. The tutorial tells you how far you can go with FP in Kotlin, and how to avoid some common pitfalls.

Basic FP experience is helpful for the tutorial, but specific Kotlin experience is not required.


Download and install IntelliJ IDEA.

Code to go along with the tutorial is at https://github.com/active-group/kotlin-bob-2022.

Michael` Sperber


Michael Sperber is CEO of Active Group in Tübingen, Germany. Mike specializes in software architecture using functional programming.