Tutorial: 10:05–11:35 (English)

From Vision to Code: (Functional) Domain Modeling in Practice

“(Functional) Domain Modeling” goes one step further than simply bringing technical and non-technical experts together via Event Storming or Domain Storytelling. FDM enables working on the code collaboratively.

In this workshop, you will be able to experiment this first hand! You will engage with Domain Experts, and work out a “runnable” common understanding of the domain. For this, you will be able to choose your approach: either use Clojure’s spec or the TypeScript’s type system.

In both cases, you will be able to perform invariant enforcement already at compile time, and domain experts will be able to give feedback directly on the code.

Marco Emrich (GitHub | LinkedIn)

Marco is an architect and consultant at codecentric and a passionate advocate of software craft and code quality. He regularly speaks at well-known conferences and is the author of several technical books. When he’s not buried deep in code, his children play analog board games with him.

Leandro Doctors (GitHub | LinkedIn)

Leandro Doctors is a multi-dimensional geek currently based in Berlin. After discovering the beauty of Functional Programming (and Clojure in particular), he became simply unable to imagine how a world could ever become beautiful without Lambda Calculus.

When not dancing Tango or hiking, Leandro dreams in terms of Software Evolution, Software Quality and Craftspeopleship, the Social Dynamics of Technology Peer Production, and the Social Impacts of Technology.