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Tutorial: 14:00-15:30 (English)

Introduction to Riak

Riak is a highly-available, fault-tolerant, distributed Dynamo-inspired key-value store. Riak’s primary focus is never losing writes; whether this be sorting multiple values under concurrent operations to the same key, or accepting writes in event of a network partition. During this session we will provide a brief tutorial on how Riak works, and then explore the various APIs of which Riak provides for building applications on top of.


For the tutorial, you should have a C compiler, and Erlang R16B02.

Here are detailed instructions:

Note: This is the same preparation as for the Webmachine tutorial, and is also sufficient preparation for the Erlang tutorial.

Christopher Meiklejohn

Christopher Meiklejohn is a Senior Software Engineer with Basho Technologies, Inc. and a graduate student in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. Christopher is also a contributing member of the European research project, SyncFree.