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Tutorial: 11:30-13:00 (English)

Functional Web Applications with Webmachine in Erlang

Webmachine is a system for easily and declaratively building well-behaved HTTP applications. It is based on a very different execution model than most web frameworks such as Rails and Sinatra. It models web resources as collections of functions representing each part of the HTTP decision tree. This approach makes it easy to focus on writing the core of your application and also helps you to get the harder parts of HTTP right.

This workshop will guide the attendee through understanding and getting started with Webmachine, gradually exposing richer HTTP features while building out an application that is used by browsers and API clients alike. Knowledge of Erlang is not necessary for this workshop, but experience with a functional language is recommended.


For the tutorial, you should have a C compiler, and Erlang R16B02.

Here are detailed instructions:

Note: This is the same preparation as for the Riak tutorial, and is also sufficient preparation for the Erlang tutorial.

Christopher Meiklejohn

Christopher Meiklejohn is a Senior Software Engineer with Basho Technologies, Inc. and a graduate student in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. Christopher is also a contributing member of the European research project, SyncFree.