Talk: 15:05–15:50 (English)

Servant vs. Mu: A Type-Level Battle

Servant is a well-known library in the Haskell ecosystem to develop REST services. Mu is much newer, and tries to fill the gap of gRPC and GraphQL services. Both libraries have in common their use of type level techniques to describe the structure of the services. This talk dives into that design corner, and explores the different decisions taken by both teams.

Alejandro Serrano


Alejandro Serrano is a senior engineer and trainer at 47 Degrees, where he devotes part of his time to work on Mu. Before that, he spent half a decade at Utrecht University, first doing a PhD about type errors in functional language, and later as lecturer in FP-related topics. He’s also written a couple of books: “Practical Haskell” and “The Book of Monads”. And when the day is gone, he enjoys learning about some untyped languages like Elixir and Common Lisp.