Talk: 10:15-11:00 (English)

Composable UI Components

It has now been a decade since React revolutionized frontend GUI programming with ideas from functional programming. After ten years, however, the promise of simple program logic for complex apps is still not fulfilled. State management remains an unsolved problem. In this talk I propose that we take to functional programming again to escape this misery. We analyze code “in its transient nature not less than its momentary existence” so that at the end of our journey we find lenses and stores and true lossless composability.

Markus Schlegel


Markus is a software architect at Active Group GmbH in Tübingen, Germany. He tries to liberate programming from the von Neumann bottleneck since 1991. Markus is interested in a diverse set of technologies ranging from GUI design to concurrency and formal methods. In his spare time, Markus reads a lot of Marx.