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17 March, Berlin


That's a wrap for BOB 2023!

A big thank you to our speakers, participants, and helpers for making BOB 2023 a fun and successful event.

We'll be uploading slides and videos from the talks soon -- watch this space, our twitter @BOBkonf and our mastodon account for news.


The program is up!

Yulia Startsev gave the keynote.

Our commitee consisting of experts from academia and industry has assembled the program.



We held BOB 2023 on location at Lohmann & Birkner Health Care Consulting GmbH in Alt-Reinickendorf in Berlin.

Pictures from BOB 2023

What happens when we use what's best for a change?

Are you interested in technologies beyond the mainstream that are a pleasure to use and effective at getting the job done?

BOB is the forum for developers, architects and builders to explore and discover the best tools available today for building software. Our goal is for all participants to leave the conference with new ideas to improve development back at the ranch.

We are committed to diversity: We aim at exploring a wide range of tools in a welcoming and friendly crowd of diverse people. To that end, a number of support options for participants from groups under-represented in tech are available.

BOB 2023 and COVID

BOB 2023 will take place on site in Berlin.

Germany is once again nearing a peak (hopefully the last) of COVID infections. Influenza, RSV, and the common cold are also circulating, and we'd like to avoid having BOB be the source of excess sick days and health complications, especially for folks with increased health risks from such infections.

We will therefore ask you to wear masks when attending a talk or tutorial, as we'll all be in close vicinity for longer stretches of time. We'll also ask you to wear masks in the restrooms. Regular medical masks will be sufficient. We'll have those and special BOB swag FFP2 masks available for you on-site.

Masking will not be obligatory in the other common spaces at the conference, however, we would ask you to mask whenever possible out of respect for those who need to avoid infection. Weather permitting, we'll also have outdoor space available for the breaks.

If you have a cough, are sneezing, have a runny nose or sore throat or similar symptoms of a respiratory tract infection, we ask that you wear a mask indoors at the conference. We also recommend you take a rapid antigen test on the day of the conference -- we'll make them available on-site.

We realize this is a lot to ask, especially as many other events have dropped restrictions -- albeit with predictable consequences that we'd like to avoid. We'd particularly ask you to show respect and compassion for the folks around you who really need to avoid getting sick -- it may be the person next to you.

Thank you for understanding.



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