Talk: 09:00-10:00 (English)

Keynote: Re-thinking Modules for the Web

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a programming language with more than 100 users must be in want of a module system. JavaScript, first released in 1995, resisted this natural law until 2015 with the introduction of ES6.

Since then, Modules have become a popular authoring tool for JavaScript Developers. However, modules as a shipping mechanism present certain issues, and many developers continue to compile to module-free code rather than ship native modules. This has challenged the language committee to investigate what is and what isn’t working about our module system.

How do we do this, and how do we communicate these design changes from a small focus group to a larger design committee? A number of proposals are planned that change what kind of applications can be built using the module system.

We will explore these questions and more, giving you a behind the scenes look at designing a module system for the web.

Yulia Startsev


Yulia Startsev is Senior Staff at Mozilla, and is part of the TC39 committee which standardizes ECMAScript (JavaScript) both as Mozilla’s delegate, and as co-chair. She is currently based in Berlin, where she enjoys fine teas, video games, and working on the future of the free and open web.