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BOB 2023 takes place 17th March 2023 in Berlin. Participation in the conference requires a registration. The registration fee of BOB 2023 depends on when you register. We also offer a student discount and a discount for participants of racketfest. Further, we would like to support participants from groups under-represented in technology.

Student / racketfest regular / racketfest Grants
Online, until 31st January 2023 (early bird) 75/65 EUR 160/140 EUR see below
Online, until 16th March 2023 90/80 EUR 200/180 EUR see below
on-site, 17th March 2023 120 EUR 260 EUR -


The conference fee includes snacks, drinks and a small lunch.

BOB 2023 also offers several tutorials which are included in the conference fee.

Tutorial registration will be on-site this year, via registration list on the doors of the tutorial room. This is to avoid problems with the no-shows we've had in previous years, where many people couldn't attend tutorials even though slots became available. We'll have more information available at check-in.

Please read up on the tutorials you're interested in beforehand – most will require you to install software to actively participate, and there might be additional requirements or instructions available. We're working to get all of these up and running on the pages linked from the program.

Discount eligibility

If you are eligible for our student discount, you must provide a valid, current student ID at the day of the conference. If you fail to provide a student ID, you have to pay the full registration fee.

To be eligible for the racketfest discount, you have to present a ticket for :clojured or racketfest when entering BOB conference.


BOB conference supports participants from groups under-represented in technology (e.g. women). The following options are available:
  1. 30% discount on the conference fee for participants from groups under-represented in technology. If you are eligible, please write an e-mail before you register. You will then receive a discount code.
  2. 10% discount on the conference fee if you recruit other participants from groups under-represented in technology. Please write an e-mail before you register. You will then receive a discount code.
  3. We have a very limited number of free tickets for the conference. Please write us an e-mail before you register and tell us why you need this kind of support.
  4. We may also be able to offer travel grants in some cases. Please send us an e-mail detailling what kind of support you need, and why.

Child care

The deadline to sign up for child care has passed.

Pre-conference and conference dinner

We've reserved a table at Baraka for the evening before the conference (16th March) at 19:00. Everyone pays their own.

BOB is also hosting a conference dinner at the Max & Moritz starting 17th March at 7pm - i.e. right after the conference. The conference dinner requires advance registration, instructions for this have gone out to registered participants either with their registration e-mail or via a separate e-mail on 7th February 2023.

Further information

Don't hesitate to contact us with questions regarding the registration (or any other topic concerning BOB 2023). Drop us an E-Mail