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Program 2017

8:00 Registration
Keynote: Why Functional Programming Matters
John Hughes
10:05 Break before talks
Introductory Haskell
Matthias Fischmann
Funktionale Programmierung mit Swift
Stefan Wehr
Und wer testet die Tests? - Mutationstesten mit PIT
Johannes Dienst
The Future of Front-end Development: A Comparison
Alexander Thiemann
11:00 Coffee break
11:35 Coffee break
Shell-Scripting mit Haskell
Franz Thoma
Synergy of IoT and BPM
Yevgen Pikus
Introduction to Web Programming in PureScript
Michael Karg
Immutable Hash Maps: Plenty of room at the bottom
Peter Schuck, Cliff Rodgers
Performance and Safety: an Example of using Liquid Haskell in the Real World
Philipp Kant
13:20 Lunch break
Bayadera: Bayes + Clojure + GPU
Dragan Djuric
Writing a native Mac application in Haskell
Nikolas Mayr
React.js and Redux
Nicole Rauch
Einführung in QuickCheck
Lars Hupel
Functional package management with GNU Guix for developers and power users
Ricardo Wurmus
Write one program, get two (or three, or many)
Andres Löh
15:50 Coffee break
Der Widerspenstigen Zähmung - Funktionale Programmierung in einer kleinen Firma
Raichoo Ketchum
Graph databases - why and how
Szymon Warda
Einführung in Agda
Peter Thiemann
An introduction to Servant
Andres Löh
The Hidden Nature of Data
Martin Kühl
Privacy-first data structures on SAFE
Benjamin Kampmann
18:00 Closing
19:00 Conference Dinner